The Mirror Shatters EP

by of the cold

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Thrash/power/prog - 3 songs written a long time ago, around 2001/2002, and one new song (Year of the storm)


released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved


of the cold Sweden

Musician from Kiruna, Sweden.
OF THE COLD is my solo band/thingy, otherwhise singer
for melodic death band CHAOS WITHIN

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Track Name: Blinded In Hate
I´m melting into ashes
Burned out of lies
And the pain is just mine
Nothing is growing inside
I´m lost alone in the mist
The pain is just mine

I feel my heart turn to stone
Loosing my sight, choking on cries
I´m blinded in hate, I´m blind

I´m burning in fire
Screaming at the darkness
At the edge of life
The world is spinning
Lost control
Fading in the vortex
In silence I fall

I feel the fear boil inside
Feel nothing else as an end draws close
I´m blinded in hate, I´m blind

Time is running out
The memories are written
The stone is coming closer
Fate has crawled upon me
Now the gates are open
Hatefilled eternity

I feel my screams taking over
Falling again into the void
I feel my heart turn to stone
I´m blinded in hate, I´m blind
Track Name: Wisdom Of The Night
Oh am I going crazy
I´m living here all alone
I leave my mind far behind
So far behind that I can´t find my way home

I need to scream, I need to cry
I need this hell, I need to burn
I need this hate despite all your love
I feed on this raging flood

See it rise
See it crawl
See it fall

Call it wisdom
Call it fate
This synthesis of tears and rage
Call it fire
Call it ice
Call it paradise

I am the bringer of war
The ground burns beneath my path
I deny what I have learned
Primed with wrath

Sunlight can´t touch me
I smile at the moon
The night is my bride
The wisdom of the night

The wind is so cold
Learning the true meaning of apathy
Truth is that all gold will turn to dust
and fade in the wind

Call it wisdom...

To live this gray dream
A dream that is forever gone
To live this gray dream
A dream gone in the wind
Track Name: The Mirror Shatters
Finally I´ve returned to my true home
Where only rustling leaves mark my dark way
I fall back into nothingness
I´ll live in the shadows again

But the mirror shatters
The illusions breaks
In waves the silence rips me
Surges of blood stain my lips
Futile cries

Intentions clear, to disown every lie
Void of truth fear eradicates life
A disciple to a rotten apathy
To truly know what life can bring

For the mirror shatters
The images fade
To walk the darkest streets
Never to see a dawn
Welcome night

All is shaking, everything falls
Through the mirror I crawl
Tears are dead to me
As tomorrow comes
The image smiles a cold smile

Knuckles white, undying life
Neverending wrath
The pieces fall down
Down forever more
Track Name: Year Of The Storm
It began with a fall
Through time, into shade
In pain the loss of hope renewed
My world yet again set in grey

But this time
Nothing there to break the fall
Nothing inside to heal the wound
Another year another scar
And to finally loose everything

But then she came
My storm
Shattering my heart
My world

Cast through light and dark
A beautiful storm of
life and love

Walking through a thick fog
A shadow no sun could disperse
Alone crawling through the mire
Longing to rest in the cold
embrace of earth

Yet everything changes
In this beautiful storm

Everything changes
When the clouds gather
Deep within the dark withers
In her chaos reborn
In this year
the year of the storm

In dark eyes cradled
In endless nights caught
A warm embrace peaceful
Finding the breath i lost
A desolate rock
Where only death had
planted thorns
Twisted and gnarled
Here nothing else could grow

An austral wind bringing life
From the darkness i am torn

A empty sky
A still day without clouds
An empty heart
I see a sun rise

Yearning for a storm

Everything changes
When the clouds gather
Deep within the dark withers
In her chaos reborn

An empty sky
A serene day
An empty heart
I see a sun rise