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by of the cold

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Three new acoustic tracks.
Reborn - a reworked version of an older song.
Vem ar inte trasig - a new song in swedish and the first vocals that I recorded after an operation on my salivary glands.
Year of the storm - acoustic version.


released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


of the cold Sweden

Musician from Kiruna, Sweden.
OF THE COLD is my solo band/thingy, otherwhise singer
for melodic death band CHAOS WITHIN

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Track Name: Reborn
Another storm is coming
Another storm is on the rise
I searched for a light, a light that isnt there
I searched for a heart, a heart to soothe my heart

Here comes the storm
I tremble silently besides her
Dare not to touch, dare not to speak
Everything I am changes before her

I breathe, I grasp for air to survive her eyes
I breathe her name, I grasp for air and I open my heart

And I fall not knowing her intentions
I fall until her eyes warms to my face
As she whispers my name I loose the grip on reality
And then she takes my hand and I´m falling free

We fall far away from the world
We dream and forget all of our hurts

A bright sunrise
Another dangerous smile
I breathe and hold my heart
Shivering i look into her eyes

I close my heart
Hide it from the world
Bury it deep inside
May it be still when I look into your eyes

I breathe, I grasp for air to survive your eyes
I breathe your name, I grasp for air and open my heart
Track Name: Vem är inte trasig
En mörk väg utan slut
Så känns det ibland eller hur
Trasiga lyktor döljer din blick
Dessa steg som andra aldrig gick

Du har sår som ingen kan läka
Sår djupt där inne där ingen får leta
Tomrum fyllt av gamla skuggor
Gamla ärr som kliar som retar

För vem är inte trasig?
Vem har inte ont?
Vem har inte gett smärta?
Vem blir inte rädd när natten känns tom?

Men där borta står någon
Någon som ser någon som vet
En som kan följa dig
Bortom varje horisont

Ta med den som lever i rädsla
Han som tvekar vid varje steg
Ge han mod, ge han styrka att växa
Var denna väg tar slut är det ingen som vet

För vem kan inte bli hel?
Vem kan inte få frid?
Vem lever i skuggan?
Och ger natten all sin tid
Track Name: Year Of The Storm
It began with a fall
Through time, into shade
In pain the loss of hope renewed
My world yet again set in grey

But this time
Nothing there to break the fall
Nothing inside to heal the wound
Another year another scar
And to finally loose everything

But then she came
My storm
Shattering my heart
My world

Cast through light and dark
A beautiful storm of
life and love

Walking through a thick fog
A shadow no sun could disperse
Alone crawling through the mire
Longing to rest in the cold
embrace of earth

Yet everything changes
In this beautiful storm

Everything changes
When the clouds gather
Deep within the dark withers
In her chaos reborn
In this year
the year of the storm

In dark eyes cradled
In endless nights caught
A warm embrace peaceful
Finding the breath i lost
A desolate rock
Where only death had
planted thorns
Twisted and gnarled
Here nothing else could grow

An austral wind bringing life
From the darkness i am torn

A empty sky
A still day without clouds
An empty heart
I see a sun rise

Yearning for a storm

Everything changes
When the clouds gather
Deep within the dark withers
In her chaos reborn

An empty sky
A serene day
An empty heart
I see a sun rise
Track Name: A Picture
A calm river
The cold sun low
In silence drifting towards his home
There beside me
Watching the shallow river flow

Beneath the tower
Where he once lay
A content smile in a black frame
A warm sun on his face on that day
I try to tread the paths that he once laid

Lead us on
On safe paths through the thorns
I know where you walk
You're never gone

Silence can heal
Still the wounds within
A breeze whispers softly
As the day grows old

Tonight the dark is darker here
Tonight the shadow overwhelms me
Just one picture and I can't breathe

To see the powerful powerless
A mother's last breath
Another wave
The memories washes over me again

Caught out on the water
A storm creeps closer
We speed through the night
Me and my father

Lead me on
Through the waves, through the storm
I know where you walk
And you are home
Track Name: Soldier´s Goodbye
I saw you there in the flickering lights
I saw your eyes
And I knew it was only for this one night

I left you there
A perfect view
No regrets I didn't speak to you
But i'm leaving so soon

And I love you
Though we've never met
And I love you
Though i know you don't knew my name

A soldiers goodbye
To an unlost love
A soldiers goodbye
To a beautiful memory
Of the eyes that could have seen through me
The eyes watching eternally

Lost in the crowd of cheers and laughter
Among friends and brothers
We're losing each other

All I see now are an ocean
Leading me into nothing
The end of existence

And I search for your eyes

All we are now, bodies marching to war
All we see a haze of red and green
And when the darkness covers the world
When we've lost everything
Still I smile, cause there are your eyes

And I see your eyes
Track Name: Solen Kommer Hem
Swedish lyrics written by my friend Håkan Niva